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Upgrading from SuzyDENTAL version 3

The upgrade to version 4 is available as part of your existing update and support contract.
  • Complete data conversion, including all patient transaction history, outstanding claims, treatment plans, appointments.
  • Taking advantage of newer technologies. Compatibility with 32bit and 64bit Microsoft Windows (i.e. Windows 11, as well as backward compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows 7).
  • Familiar user interface with natural progression to new features.

Improved and updated business functionality
  • Patient insurance setup; up to 9 insurance policies per patient, access to insurance subscriber information, and automatic updates of dependents’ information.
  • Electronic Claims
  • Real-time Claim Status Verification free of charge for electronic claims submitters using SuzyECS
  • Real-time Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification * optional
  • Claim Forwarding Reports - submission validation with direct access to each claim
  • Claim payment application with access down to each line item. Claim payment tracking across multiple claims for the same encounter.
  • Improved reporting throughout
  • Recall process generated worklists
  • Billing statements worklists
  • Patient insurance claims analysis – improved accessibility
  • Re-developed bridges to all supported additional application modules:
    • Digital radiography systems
    • Intra-oral image acquisition and management
    • Insurance card / Patient ID card scanning
    • Digital signature pads
    • Digital document management
Integrated graphical charting module * optional
  • Charting * – Restorative and Perio graphical charting.
  • Charting * – Tooth and other clinical notes.
  • Charting * - Customizable QuickNotes.
  • Charting * - Generating billing items automatically.
  • Perio History Review – customizable number of reviewable visits
* The Charting module is also available as an additional application for practices using SuzyDENTAL version 3. Please contact us for more information.

Take advantage of your widescreen!

The new multi-screen layout capability provides the benefit of having multiple windows open and accessible at the same time, displaying and controlling relevant information about the current patient. All windows sensitive to the current patient will refresh as soon as you select a new patient.

For example, a computer running SuzyDENTAL 4 in the operatory may have the Patient Information, the Chart Clinical Notes, the Charting and the Scheduler, all open at the same time. As soon as the current patient changes, either selected from the Patient / Open dialog, or by selecting a current patient from the Schedule, all open windows will refresh automatically for the new current patient.

Your screen arrangements may vary depending on area of activity. The user at the front desk may choose to have the Patient Information, the Services Rendered and/or any other billing information screens, and the Scheduler. The user in the operatory may choose to have a layout relevant to the clinical view.

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Charting Module | Contact Us | Company Info | Dealer Inquiries