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Statement Manager: View statements on screen with balances and amount due, hold or flag billing statements for printing, navigate through patient lists, perform account inquiries, view insurance company information, flag / un-flag accounts for collection, all from one, unified statement manager screen.

Office Message Reminders: Enter reminders for individuals or globally for the entire office.

Perio Charting (Optional Package): Highly automated to record pocket depths, FGM, MGJ, mobility, furcation measurements, as well as record tooth notes and tooth conditions like bleeding, delayed bleeding and suppuration. It provides voice control and interfaces with Microsoft Agent™ for voice and text-to-speech recognition.

Scheduler Display Options: Display / print any combination of items like notes, phone numbers and scheduled procedures on the scheduler (configurable by workstation).

E-mail Support: See e-mail on batch processes with Outlook ™ style interface. Batch processing enabled on appointment reminders and recall, as well as mail merge.

Claim Narrative: Enter claim narratives on the services rendered screen.

Enhanced Referrer: View information on Referrers from Patient Info Screen. Displays all
Open Time Slots: Open normally closed time periods by provider or for the entire office.

Claims Bulk Payments: Apply bulk payments to claims with one click or keystroke. It provides complete access to claim information at service line item level, also generating a reconciliation report to verify check amount vs. paid claims.

Image Browser: Browse images in thumbnail view, enlarge and capture patient photos from previously saved image files on disk. It offers zoom, rotate, crop and print functions and is an excellent tool for linking patient photos with their patient information.

Increased Size of Appointment Notes on the Appointment Card: Enter multiple lines of notes for the appointment, which may then be displayed on the scheduled appointment.

Short Call List Availability: When entering the appointment, specify days of the week of patient availability for short call. In turn, the short call list provides the capability of sorting entries by availability.

Support for Label Printers: Print labels with a keystroke / mouse-click (select from a few preset layouts from the Patient Information screen) and print to a COStar™ label printer.

Help System: A full-featured help system covering all features of SuzyDENTAL letting the user solve common problems without the need of calling support.

One Click on the appointment, and you get instant access to the patient records.

Tickler File controls missed, cancelled and yet-to-be scheduled appointments and all related patient information.

Short Call List allows front desk personnel to manage patients available on short notice and fill cancellations as needed.

Daily Profiling has flexible column layout to display provider and operatory schedules, up to 40 columns on one screen.

WYSIWYGof daily schedules, with appointment notes, medical alerts and contact information.

AutoScheduler - find and fill openings with a click.

Instant Billing with superbills or quickstatements.

Statement Options
Customize messages, account aging based on patient and/or expected insurance amount.

Billing Options
Payment plans, contract billing, finance charges and choice of family or individual patient billing.

Billing Cycles for monthly or daily billing.

Recall Procedures
Update patient's recall date on service entry. User can define an unlimited number of procedures.

Recall Appointments
Schedule and track recall procedures as pre-appointed recalls.

Recall Process
Provides a comprehensive method for selecting and contracting pre-appointed and/or non-appointed patients due for a recall. Generates lists, posts cards, letters and labels.

Merge documents generated in SuzyDENTAL or Microsoft Word ™ with patient information for effective, personalized patient communications.

*Trojan and Trojan Employer Insurance Database are registered trademarks of Trojan Professional Services, Inc.
The Claim can be generated immediately or included in the end of day batch for electronic claim submission.

Electronic Claim Submission ensures significant reduction in paperwork and reimbursement time.

Unlimited Fee Schedules to accurately estimate expected insurance and patient co-payment amounts at time of service.

Trojan Employer Insurance Database*
Fully integrated with immediate access to insurance and co-payment information.

Medical Insurance
Print HCFA 1500 forms for medical insurance benefits.

Managed Care & Capitation plans supported.

Claim Management Tools
Ensures all eligible services have been submitted to primary and secondary insurance carriers.

Claim Grouping of multiple services on separate insurance claims.

Multiple Treatment Plans
Present to the patient each plan showing phases of treatment.

Pre-treatment Estimate Report
Tracks outstanding treatment plans and future appointments.

Referred By
Track unlimited incoming referrals from doctors, patients, Yellow Pages, Welcome Wagon, Internet, etc..

Referred To
Track outgoing referrals to specialists. Analyze referrals' impact on production with the referrer/referral analysis reports.

Intraoral imaging, digital radiography systems, charting and Microsoft Office ™ components.

Accounts Receivable Reports track aged patient and insurance balances, overdue payments, production and collection. Reports are finely tuned with multiple options.

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